Defendants and our families need long term, tangible support as well as the world to be informed of our struggles. Please visit these sites to gain more information about our other Water Protectors with federal charges and how to support.

Little Feather:

Red Fawn Fallis:

Dion Ortiz:

Angry Bird: 

Official website for the NoDAPL Federal/Political Prisoner Support Committee:


LITTLE FEATHER was released to Bureau of Prison halfway houses in ND July 16, 2019 after years of incarceration within ND jails and USP Hazelton federal prison. He transitioned out of the halfway house to surveillance on probation with family in New Mexico. 

Little Feather had struggled with sobriety and mental health during his surveillance on probation. He was incarcerated at Cibola County Correctional Center during the COVID pandemic for several months waiting for placement at a treatment center. He was placed in a treatment center, but his situation has become complicated. Public updates are pending. 




Little Feather in USP Hazelton (2018) incarcerated for his work as Akicita in the NoDAPL camps


DION ORTIZ was transferred to Bureau of Prison halfway house April 3, 2019 in New Mexico to serve time before transitioning to federal surveillance on probation. BUT THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES: Due to a petty nonviolent probation violation, he is back in lock up. He and his family have not released the jailhouse mailing address publicly due to privacy concerns, but they are in dire need of financial support for Dion's commissary, jailhouse phone calls, and eventual housing and transportation needs once released. Please scroll down to find Dion's Venmo and Cash App for donations.





Dion with his mother, Christina Ortiz, after court in ND. (photo credit Santa Fe Chronicle)



RedFawn Janis (previously Fallis) was released to a federal halfway house September 9, 2020. She is now transitioning to federal surveillance on probation. Her ND PO Box address now needs updated, and will be shared for support letters in the near future.





No charges for the DAPL worker that fired his handgun around water protectors...(photo credit Free RedFawn fb page)


Please send love and support to our elder who was under federal surveillance on pretrial release AND probation for several years:

(Angry Bird, Akicita)

James White, Sunka Wakan Sica

PO Box 755

Ft Yates, ND 58538





Angry Bird at Turtle Hill, Lakota ancestral grave site Nov. 2016 (photo credit Sara van Gelder)


"Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners" 2020 Calendar features art for Rattler, updates on Little Feather and updates on Dion Ortiz. Funds are raised to support Political Prisoners in lock up to share their art with us on the outside, and inform the public of their work/incarceration. Historic dates of freedom fighting are included for each month.




















John Chao, a photographer at the NoDAPL Oceti Sakowin camp during the winter of 2016, has agreed to sell posters of Oceti/Sicangu camp to help raise funds for Dion's, Rattler's, Little Feather's, and RedFawn's prison commissary/incarceration in halfway houses/while under surveillance on probation. The fundraising lasts indefinitely! Please look at these beautiful posters on discount:













C̶O̶L̶L̶E̶C̶T̶I̶V̶E̶ ̶P̶O̶L̶I̶T̶I̶C̶A̶L̶ ̶P̶R̶I̶S̶O̶N̶E̶R̶S̶'̶ ̶F̶U̶N̶D̶R̶A̶I̶S̶E̶R̶:̶ ̶(ENDED MARCH 2020) 

You can choose to donate to the federally sentenced NoDAPL Political Prisoners simultaneously by contributing to this collective Paypal link. Currently, Red Fawn, Rattler, Little Feather and Angry Bird have particular circumstances in need of fundraising: RedWood Justice Fund: Support NoDAPL Political Prisoners 



Money can go directly to their commissary by Western Union (put their first and last name, along with their 8 digit inmate number without the hyphen):

Moneygram and WalMart money transfers can also be an option for Rattler (Michael Markus) in Bismarck, ND, and for Angry Bird (James White) in Ft. Yates, North Dakota. Both their legal names from their state/tribal IDs and the state and/or prison must be provided for them to receive donations. 

Monegram may charge at least a $6.00 transfer fee.

Online Moneygram transfer: 

In-person Moneygram transfer: 

Walmart may charge at least a $4.50 transfer fee to send funds from one WalMart to another WalMart. These transfers can only be done in person at a local WalMart, or through the WalMart app. 

Online WalMart transfers use Moneygram for pick up/transfer: 

These are their own Paypal links to provide financial support for their commissary in prison and/or jail, halfway house fees, aid while transitioning to federal surveillance on probation, aid to our support committees run by the defendants and their families, and aid for family that will visit our loved ones doing time, send packages to them, engage in advocacy work on their behalf and other cares needing tended to while incarcerated and while under federal surveillance in halfway houses/on probation.

Little Feather and Family:

Update is pending

Dion Ortiz and Family: 

Venmo: @Marissabear

Cash app: $missrissancc

Red Fawn and support committee:

Angry Bird (Jimmy White/Sunka Wakan Sica) got time served and probation, but is in need of financial support while being under federal surveillance and continuing his do work to support Lakota youth on the reservation. Please donate to his family/Tiospaye's paypal here: 

Please call (308)360-3281 or email for information on how to support Angry Bird's horse relay team, Bad Nation Relay!

Their facebook page can be found here:

Unitarian Univeralists: 

Project FANG fundraises to support family visitation for Water Protectors, Land Liberators, and Animal Defenders incarcerated for their work. PLEASE DONATE as they tangibly supported our family and other freedom fighters to receive visits in prison: