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A support committee has been organized by sentenced Water Protectors/federal defendants, our families, and members of our legal teams that will engage in long term advocacy, historical accuracy, and tangible care-taking of Water Protectors doing time in prison, as well as when they're released to Bureau of Prison halfway houses and federal surveillance on probation.

Please visit and widely share the official NoDAPL Federal Prisoner Support Committee website:

Please send funds for Rattler and the support committee here: 

2020 Calendar "Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners" features art for Rattler and updates on Water Protectors Little Feather and Dion Ortiz! "Certain Days" is Political Prisoner advocacy. Funds raised through selling calendars support freedom fighters in lock up to share their own art/writing as well as art from their communities. Please order a calendar here:

Rattler has made patches. They sell for $10 each but reduced price when ordering 5 or more. The money raised will go towards Rattler's transition to federal surveillance under probation. Please email his support committee with your name and mailing address, and send the money to the PayPal link above. 

If you are willing and wanting to support the defendant's and their support committee to do gatherings, actions, Q&As, etc as advocacy of their struggle, please contact us at these emails.

Rattler's support committee contact:

Little Feather's support committee contact:

Angry Bird's support committee contact:

Dion's support committee contact:   

Red Fawn's support committee contact:

Unitarian Universalist minister support committee contact:

IMPORTANT: If you receive contact from someone that is not part of the official support committee for Rattler and the other 4 sentenced water protectors, you are not directly working with NoDAPL political prisoners. This risks enabling unknown persons to exploit these Water Protectors' sacrifices. We have had to endure since their arrests organizations or individuals raising money allegedly to give to the defendants that was never given to them, the media promoting stories filled with dangerous inaccuracies to sow division, as well as people trying to associate themselves with federal defendants they never tangibly supported for their own selfish motives. Social media overflows with reactionary, unreliable information. Gag orders have prevented our legal teams and families from telling certain truths until court cases were finalized.
We cannot emphasize enough how unfortunate of a reality this is, but predatory opportunists have been taking advantage of the Standing Rock camps and water protectors since camps were initially set up, and the federal defendants have had to go through some of the worst of it. Please heed this warning and stay vigilant. Please inform us if someone is raising money or using Rattler's name, image, or struggle for exploitative purposes or without the involvement of their Support Committee. Pilamayaye, thank you.

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